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Our country

Our roots run deep in our land, it's where we grow and develop . We believe that It's important to support it's growth and development and therefore we contribute to several social initiatives
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Our people

We have invested in our most important resource - our people - and they are the foundation of Tintoria Finissaggio 2000. We believe in the professionalism and passion of our employees and we know that excellence is only possible if everyone is focused on achieving the same goal - client satisfaction.
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Our history

Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 was founded in 1973. We started out processing knit fabrics for the sportswear industry before turning to noble fibres such as silk, cashmere and wool and these now form our core business. More recently we have developed a range of techniques for cellulose fibres such as linen, cotton and viscose. We also…
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