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New technologies for high-precision results

Our digital printing department allows us to create printed fabrics with maximum design definition, excellent colour yield and great flexibility, thanks to the inkjet printing process.

Digital inkjet technology for printing on fabric employs a system which is conceptually similar to that of a digital inkjet printer on paper, by both allowing the exact quantity of liquid ink to be transferred to any point on the fabric and reproducing the drawings and colours contained in an electronic file. It can be used on fabrics of various different types and compositions.

Digital printing quality is very high, permitting greater flexibility and rapidity than other printing methods, with reduced energy consumption.

Digital inkjet printing offers numerous benefits:

Our excellence in digital printing on fabrics

We specialise in digital inkjet printing on woven and knit fabrics. Our strength lies in our vertical supply chain: we manage all aspects of the production cycle in-house, from design, development and colour trials to preparation, steaming and washing.

This allows us to offer our customers a number of significant benefits:

  • completing all steps in the digital printing process quickly, with an overall vision
  • keeping all aspects of production under control
  • guaranteeing that customers receive the best possible service, with great discretion and confidentiality

Precision, quality and reproducibility are our focus.

With the aid of advanced pretreatment techniques, which we are constantly developing, we have come up with extremely high-performing digital printing solutions.

Our ongoing research has allowed us to achieve excellent results in colour penetration, obtaining “through prints” comparable to conventional printing techniques.

To help our customers with concrete development of their projects, our graphic design department offers assistance in the creation of ad hoc digital files, with the utmost confidentiality.


In short, the principal steps are:

– Preparation of graphic printing designs
– Preparation for digital printing
– Digital printing with acidic and reactive dyes
– Vaporizer print steam fixing

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