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Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 is on the lookout for motivated people wanting to join its team and work on a solid, long-term career growth strategy.

A focus on people, their skills and everything that makes them unique, with the potential they can develop in an innovation-oriented context, are the keys to our business concept. 

Our priority is always the creation of relationships with the people, and among the people, who work with us.

We promote a working environment in which people feel co-responsible for our results and success, and can find professional and social gratification in their work.

We are committed to ensuring that knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, in order to preserve the technical know-how that makes us unique. We appreciate employees who have accumulated very important know-how and awareness over the years.

We set up a path for career growth for young people who decide to invest in their professional future with us. Their vision, their energy and their know-how contribute to sustaining our company in facing the challenges of the future. 


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