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A variety of treatments for ennobling fabrics

Finishing of a fabric includes all treatments aimed at improving its properties, applied to bolts of cloth off the loom, whether woven or knitted.

Finishing aims to improve the look, feel and properties of the fabric, also in view of its potential uses. In addition to conventional mechanical treatments and chemical-physical treatments, it includes use of chemical solutions appropriate for the desired result.

Textile finishing treatments alter the structure of the fabric to improve it in various ways.

Their principal goals include:

– Developing basic components of “finish”, such as
– Giving to the finished fabric properties that ensure optimal behaviour during manufacturing and use of garments
– Improving fabric’s structural qualities
– Aesthetic improvement of the fabric for a better look and to accommodate fashion trends.

Our outstanding finishing treatments

Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 offers a complete range of treatments, customised on the basis of the fibres: natural, artificial or synthetic.

Our solid experience and ability to come up with customised treatments and finishes, even for small quantities, makes us a point of reference for the most prestigious fashion, luxury and textiles brands.

We specialise in treatments that improve the performance of the fabric, with an exceptionally complete pool of machinery.

Our set of machinery includes gauzes, emeries, shearing machines, fulling machines, open mercerising machines, compactors, continuous and discontinuous decatising machines, calendars, steamers, continuous tumblers, dry cleaners and continuous washers.

Wet finishing

Dry finishing




Ultra Dry

Anti Flame

Easy Care

Anti Stain

Anti Static

We are experts in the process of fulling wool to obtain fabrics like felt and baize. A special compacting treatment modifies the physical structure of the wool to produce a denser fabric. The procedure, which we have optimised over the years, ensures excellent reproducibility of the results in different lots of wool, and is applicable to both patterned yarn-dyed fabrics and piece-dyed fabrics, as well as wool blends.

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