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Since 1973, dyeing and finishing of fabrics in the Biella textile district


Active since 1973 in Masserano, in the Biella textiles district, the company has become a point of reference for both Italian and international textiles manufacturers. We offer a complete range of solutions for ennobling fabrics: dyeing of all kinds of fibres, finishing, digital printing, lamination and membrane-lining.

With over 100 employees, Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 is strongly oriented toward sustainable innovation and top-level customer service, while guaranteeing the value added of customised production and the ability to rapidly respond to requirements.


Our dyeing plant in Masserano (Biella) is an ultra-modern plant which complies with the strictest environmental protection standards. Our technology and in-depth technical know-how allow us to dye any kind of natural, cellulose or synthetic fibre or blend, obtaining accurate colour that can be uniformly reproduced in different lots.


We are specialised in finishing treatments of all kinds as well as mechanical and chemical/physical finishing processes, for improving the look, feel and physical properties of fabrics – ranging from natural, to artificial, synthetic knit and woven fibres – according to both their potential uses and their natural characteristics.


Our digital printing department allows us to create fabrics printed with maximum design resolution, optimal chromatic performance and great flexibility. We use digital inkjet printing to permit precise reproduction of the design and colours contained in a file on knit and woven fabrics of various compositions.


Lamination is a process that permanently combines two fabrics made of different materials, either to obtain a particular look or to respond to specific technical requirements. Our company is a point of reference in the lamination of fabrics with specific membranes for a variety of uses, from fashion to sports, workwear and biomedical garments.


Quality control allows us to guarantee that customers receive a product that meets their expectations and is in line with our values, based on extreme care taken towards all aspects of processes. We conduct physical and mechanical tests and use inspection machines in our own in-house laboratory, applying the standards required by each of our customers.


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